Customers will look you up on social media before they purchase from you. You can bet on that. Nearly 60% of consumers interact on social media with the brands they buy from or look to buy from. Ladies and gentlemen……. that’s 4 out of 5 people that will look into your brand on social media before they buy from you! This should seriously make you consider beefing up your social presence. Their view and opinion on how good or professional your page looks will definitely have a big influence on their purchasing decision.

You have to make sure to not only upkeep your social media and post daily but you also have to make sure your content (photos & video) is on point. No personal photos, no grainy or blurry photos and no dull photos. Make sure lighting and color look good and appealing, your setting (background) is just as important. If it doesn’t look good on social media it probably won’t look good in person. Please make sure not to put a caption that makes the user feel like your forcing the product down his or her throat, this may push a potential customer away.

Don’t be afraid to announce a promotion, just don’t make it all about forcing a sale. It is very important that you make sure that the way your portray your product online doesn’t make it look wayyyyyyy better than it actually does in person. You have to make sure that when your customer receives your product or service that he or she feels the advertisement or photo they saw was realistic and not overdone.

Now that you have your social media on point and you’re impressing your current audience or potential customer why not reach out to new ones? Start thinking of an advertising strategy and execute! Any type of advertising or branding strategy needs to include or seriously consider a strong social media strategy, but social media advertising is more than just boosting a Facebook post to a bunch of people. You strategy needs to have a detailed and carefully thought out demographic which you plan on advertising to. Once you have your demographic figured out you need to find a location or locations where you want to advertise to your target audience.

Setting up a great call to action with your post is a must with the use of key words. This coupled with great visual content will line you up for a great ad campaign, and put you on the road to some profitable days to come. Rest assured, this is no easy task, it requires time and patience. Lacking a little bit of both?

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