Our Secret to driving more online sales for your business

UADV Media |Driving more online sales for your business | UADV Media

Driving more online sales for your business….thats what you’re looking for right? Well if you have an online business at least.  You have a great product and you want the world to embrace it. You’re looking to grow your brand and move closer and closer to your goal. Products are sitting at your house or at the warehouse and you’re looking for every possible way to get products in hands, and cash in yours. The most important part of this adventure is for you to produce a quality product that your customers can receive and be satisfied with. Customer satisfaction should be your main goal.

Now that we have that set in stone lets talk about getting you some sales. Driving more online sales for your business is the goal. Well first of all you need to make sure you have a website! A mobile friendly website! You need to make sure your customers can navigate through the site on their computer effortlessly, and just as easily on their phone or tablet. Our recommendation is to build yourself a WordPress site. This web building platform will track your sales, do your accounting, track site analytics, sell your products, and inform you about virtuality anything going on with your site. Yes there are simpler, cheaper, more limited alternatives like Wix and Square Space but your goal is to make plenty of sales and have a website that you can customize not only to your liking, but to your customers ease of navigation.

UADV Media |Driving more online sales for your business | UADV Media
UADV Media |Driving more online sales for your business | UADV Media

Next you need to make sure that your content is top notch. Now what do we mean by “top notch” content? Well first of all to make your product pop you need to make sure you have excellent photography followed by a carefully detailed explanation and description of the product. For basics you’ll need a HOME page, and ABOUT page to talk about the brand, a SHOP page where your products are, a GALLERY page with some great photos of your product taken either by you or your customers, and a CONTACT page. It’s important that your customers can read what you’re all about, see what you’re all about, and be able to contact you if they have questions.

Great now we have a fully functioning site. But we need sales! If only there was a way of reaching large amounts of people at the click of a button. Oh wait there is! This is where social media comes in. You thought the hard work finished with the website. No sir….or mam… Your social media pages need to look just as good as your site. Beautiful pictures of your product that you or your team have taken as well as photos of your clients using your product. No personal pictures please…..Now that we have that figured out we need to start reaching out to customers. Introduce your product to potential customers online, follow people in your industry, work with bloggers, advertise on influential pages and make sure to set up some carefully targeted ad campaigns and you will be turning sales in no time. Need some help doing so?

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